Getting a Tattoo in Zurich

I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo for the past few years. As happened with my last tattoo after years of thinking , it suddenly became an urgent need.


Step One: Cursory search of google reviews….

tattoo shops


Step Two: Pick an artist /studio…

For my first tattoo I basically booked an appointment at a local shop and went in blind to the artist. This time,because I am a responsible human being and because I wanted a specific style I took a look at the first few google results of “tattoo shop in zurich” and looked for artists who specialized in that style.

The nice thing about Giahi is that they host visiting artists pretty regularly. I found Tanis  who specialized in the style I was interested in (watercolor by the way 😉 ).


Step Three: Email the artist… 

OK , so I was weirdly nervous about this step, but I plucked up the courage and emailed Tanis.

Info in the email:

  • where on my body I wanted the tattoo
  • a rough idea of what kind of tattoo I wanted (reference picture)

Tanis replied saying she could do the tattoo and asking me to stop by the studio that day. Because I work in Zurich and she was in the Winterthur I replied saying I wasn’t able, then she replied saying I should call the shop.

Then, I called the shop and after a bit more back and forth I was scheduled for an appointment Saturday.


Step Four: Show up!

I showed up, they had a waiver form in German only but with a little help from google translate I was able to get through it.

I brought some water and dates with me in case I needed some sugar. Tanis was super awesome and printed out a few different versions of the design so we could figure out placement and size.


Overall Review: The end result was awesome and Tanis is an amazing artist! Giahi studio was also very nice and comfortable, with tattoo rooms a bit out of the way , which means you don’t have too many random people staring at you while you’re in pain ;).

Things to note about Giahi :

  • Forms only in German , so make sure you have google translate handy if your German’s not up to snuff.
  • For guests artists they prefer you pay in cash, I had to pop down to the atm and they were understanding, but it might be better to have cash in hand.
  • Giahi Winterthur has a cafe in the bottom floor- super handy if you bring along friends or want a bite after you finish your tattoo.
  • Friendly and helpful staff who didnt mind speaking English ( thanks guys!)

Tanis comes to Zurich regularly so check her facebook if you are interested in getting a tattoo by her! Link to Tanis



Review- Etihad Airlines

Flight: Singapore- Europe

Class: Economy

Aircraft: Boeing 787 ( believe me , this makes a difference)

Rating: 4/5

Highlights :

  1. Child Friendly: Etihad seems to focus especially on people traveling with children. Though I’m not a parent, from what I saw I would highly recommend this airline for people flying with young children. The flight attendants hand out several goodie bags to kids before and during flights and the kid meals come in colorful packaging with a pop-up lion.
  2. New Airplanes: This makes all the difference. The Singapore- Europe route seems to be serviced almost exclusively bu 787s . Much quieter than normal airplanes , the humidity level in 787s is also usually higher so that you don’t dry out your skin as much.
  3. Great Service: The flight attendants were very nice, the boarding was orderly and the bathrooms were clean even after 7 hours of flight- all things that are commendable.

(Small) Critiques:

  1. Time between food service and clean up. In general the time between food service and clean up was a little long.
  2. Leg room (maybe?) I’m very short, so I never have an issue with leg room , but it is maybe a bit tighter than some other airlines… not sure.. tall people who have flown Etihad , please comment.
  3. Bus rides in Abu Dhabi. On my transfer to Europe I had to load and unload from my plane to a bus. This isn’t the greatest. I am writing this from Terminal 1 in Abu Dhabi which is very nice, but my departure connection was in a different terminal which reminded me a lot of Chicago. Not in a good way. This is a very minor thing, especially since the airport seems to be updating, but something to keep in mind.

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Recently I needed to book a last minute flight to Europe. Since I was booking ~7 days in advance I didn’t have a whole lot of options. I chose a reasonably priced flight with Etihad Airlines , with a stop over in Abu Dhabi.

I was scarred  awhile ago by a terrible United flight from Chicago- Singapore so I was a bit nervous flying on a new airline , and the reviews I found weren’t very positive. But the flight was cheap , so I booked and hoped for the best. I was very pleasantly surprised.

My flight out of Singapore was about 1 hr delayed – which is especially annoying in Singapore because the waiting area for flights each have individual security. Basically Changi Airport is awesome, but once you go to your gate you are kind of stuck there. This is where the Etihad service started to show. The flight attendants came out into the waiting area and passed out water. For the kids in the waiting area , the flight attendants passed out some toys , including, to the amusement of everyone in the waiting area, little paper crowns.  Soon our flight was boarding and three or four toddlers boarded looking very proud.

All of my flights were on Boeing 787’s which are awesome for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest is they pressurize the cabin at a higher pressure- this means you feel a lot better after a long flight. The food was all very decent ( I ordered the vegetarian-  my usual travel hack to get healthier meals and get served first 🙂 ) and they came around often with water and other drinks. Entertainment was also good , with lots of new releases. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with a few small critiques listed above. I cant speak for any other routes or experiences but from my experience,  I will definitely fly Etihad in the future.