Moving to Switzerland and Other life Updates!

First- Happy Holidays!

Its been a while  since I’ve updated this blog and a few things have changed. After one year in Singapore and almost two years at my job I am quitting and heading to Switzerland to get my PhD.

My reasons for leaving are many and the subject for another post. I left Singapore December 9th , almost a month ago. It was a bittersweet goodbye. I feel like I left the city just as it was beginning to feel like home. In large part due to the friends I had made there.  All things equal I would have loved to stay in Singapore for another year or two but due to job and life circumstances it was best to move on.

I move to Switzerland in a few days and start work/school a few weeks after that. I am mildly terrified at the idea of taking classes and being a student again but really excited to work on research again.

Ill try to be better about updating this blog from Switzerland as well as finishing up some of the posts I meant to write but didn’t in my last few weeks of freedom. Once again I’m starting the new year with throwing myself into a new round of the living -abroad roller coaster. Excitement and terror is always a great start for a new adventure.



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