Pop-Up Shop – Or, How to Queue like a Singaporean!

I was wandering around the Raffels Place area last weekend,  when the clouds started rolling in. Not wanting to get stuck out in a down pour I decided to take a peak inside the giant Durian of Singapore , um, I mean the Esplanade.


Giant Durian – and ominous looking clouds. 

I went inside the Durian and was looking around at the shops and picking up some program schedules. It looks like there is a lot of free programming , which I am really excited for!

Then I wandered some more and encountered a giant line. Naturally I was curious why there were 30 people in line on a Saturday afternoon so I poked around.


Long line at pop-up shop in the Esplanade.

The pop up shop was selling unique porcelain pieces ( plates, cups etc. ) designed by Singaporean artists and made in Japan. I fell in love with a few cups and decided to brave the line. Also- blog post! ( This is my excuse for doing a lot of things on the weekends and one of the reasons I like writing this blog, because , you know, it makes sense to go to a cat cafe or stand in line for a pop up store if I can write a post about it. Right, right ?!).

Here are some pictures of the shop:

The shop was set up by the store/artists space SuperMama. The wares sold at the pop up store can be bought via SuperMama online but were sold at half price at the pop up. Though the sale is over I would still recommend checking the store out. They have beautiful pieces , and it’s always great to support local artists and designers.

All in all I bought two mugs and small plates. Was it worth 2 hours in line? Maybe not- but it was a neat experience and worth it to learn about some local designers and artists in Singapore.

You can check out the SuperMama store 10am-7pm everyday except Friday at 71 Bras Basah Road or online here.

You can read about the More Than Project on their website here.

All in all, a great way to hide from the rain on a Saturday afternoon. 🙂






One comment

  1. xinlit · January 26, 2016

    They should pay you for all the commercial you did!


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