One week in

It seems crazy to me that I  only go here a week ago. It feels like a lot more.

I spent last weekend running around looking at rooms and meeting potential flatmates. I’ll  write a separate post about that later. Long story short- I saw pretty much every type of apartment in Singapore. In the end I found a great place and even met with my roommates again this week to figure out the details. W0oohoo!

Other than apartment hunting most of my life so far has been work. Its a bit weird, in a lot of ways it feels like being new again. I sometimes find my self cringing when I say the wrong thing or having to push myself to make sure I am involved. And there are lots of times I just feel really stupid. I know abut half of my coworkers but I don’t know anyone except my immediate colleague really well so a lot of this week has been settling in and trying to get the know people and build up my network again.

Until today I have also been feeling mostly like I was under water. I have so much to do from where I left things at my work in the US in addition to needing to develop completely new protocols for the new process here. We ( me and the one other process engineer)  also need to set up a completely new QA system and make sure we have access to everything we need.

Today at work though I felt like I finally stared to turn the tide. I am starting to check things off of my to-do list instead of only adding them. Me and the other process engineer are starting to get organized and build new protocols and schedules for the process bring-up here.

That said- I am looking forward to the weekend.  While everything had been really great in general its punctuated by moments of extreme crappiness. Like when I was late to a meeting and couldn’t catch  a cab, or when I offended a coworker doing something that’s normal in our US office. I’m also missing a bit my friend network in the US. So for the weekend- I am searching for some fun and also looking forward to just relaxing a bit!

Lots more to post but that’s it for now!






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