First Day in Singapore

I arrived safely back in Singapore at around 1 am last night. After checking in to my temporary apartment ( 1 month courtesy of my work , thanks boss!) it was around 2am so I crashed.

Due to the wonders of jet lag , I was able to wake up early enough to go for a run in the morning! I found a nice little path near where I am staying. It looked like it was used mostly by bikers, but it was perfect for a run.

Pictures below!

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I am going to try and run even earlier tomorrow to avoid all of the traffic on the roads (breathing in all that exhaust cant be good for you O-o). I also picked up some mosquito spray because no on likes Dengue!

After running I spent the morning running some errands and then went into the office in the afternoon. It was great seeing colleagues and exciting to get started in the new office here. So exciting that I ended up staying late and man am I tired, lots more to say about my first day (and my flights) but for now Im off to bed!





  1. xinlit · January 14, 2016

    How’s work so far? You also need to improve your photography skill!


  2. expatgirlengineer · January 14, 2016

    Phht my photographs are amazing! Work is OK – starting to get used to it. We should talk this weekend!


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