The Packing Guru

Packing sucks. We all know this. Despite having moved around my entire life, I still manage to suck at packing. I cant explain it.  Practice just does not make perfect in this case.

One of my tasks over my holiday vacation is to pack up all of my belongings. I’ve already decamped from California to the midwest to visit family- but I  had three checked bags – which starts to get expensive ( and hard to carry) on an international flight so I needed to slim down.

The Goal: Two checked bags, 1 large backpack and one large rolly. One carry on rolly bag plus my ukulele as my carry-on , “small personal item”. This still exceeds my free baggage allowance but I have a small stipend from  work which should cover the extra expense. This way I can carry/ pull all of my bags on my own without a cart if I need to.

The Motivation: I am usually a proponent of packing light, but packing to live somewhere is different from heading on a trip for for an internship. I don’t know how long Ill be in Singapore , but I want some familiar things with me.

The Packing Guru: As mentioned above , I suck at packing- but luckily I have an app for that! Just kidding, I actually have a sister in law 🙂 We will call her X. X and I have been friends for years. Last spring when I was packing up from grad school X and I went on a vacation together and she helped me pack my stuff and move it back to the midwest. X compressed years of my life into this:


X’s amazing packing skills at work after grad school

That, my friends is a Toyota Echo. Her skills are impressive.

Since she was up for the holidays too X and I tackled my packing struggles. We successfully compressed my three checked bags into two!

X achieved this through brutal questioning of each items worth. Shes awesome! Its sometimes nice to have someone go through things with you so that you have to justify (or not) your packing to someone else.

Even if you are not lucky enough to have a packing guru in your family I recommend packing with a friend- it makes it a lot more fun and you usually end up packing less.

The Stuff:  By volume my largest item was clothing. Work clothes+ personal stuff  takes up a lot of space. I also packed a few of my Grandmothers paintings- which will help make my new apartment feel a lot more homey. ( X did not approve) I also like to make sure I always have camping gear with me no matter where I am living so I packed a backpacking tent and sleeping bag. X also didn’t approve of this and they may not get a lot of use- but its important to me 🙂

I also made sure to pack extra clothes in my carry on in case my checked luggage gets lost. I’ve still got a some odds and ends to pack but the bulk of it is done. This means I can enjoy my last few days of vacation and not stress about packing last minute.

Thanks again X!






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