5W’s in Singapore


A picture from my sightseeing trip.

Hello World!

So I am bad at thinking about things without structure so here is a “who, what, when , where , where , why” of this blog.

Who: Me! I am a young (mid twenties) , female engineer , American by birth. And yes, Canadians  and all other continental ‘Americans’ , I mean I am  from the USA . I am in no way trying to deny your identity as North , Central or Southern Americans just “from the USA” sounds a bit weird. I have lived in six states in the US and about 4-5 countries outside the US ( Turkey, Japan, and Germany to name a few) and *spoiler* am moving abroad in a few weeks!

I am a Chemical  Engineer by training and a Process Engineer by work. I work for a large manufacturing company – where I get to build cool things!

What: A blog about a US expat in Singapore fumbling her way through work , apartments and making a home in this city/island/country.

When:  12 days. In twelve days I will be moving. Excuse me while I hyperventilate in a corner.

Where: Singapore! I am moving to Singapore in a few weeks with my current job. I have actually technically been working at this job for the past several months but have been training in California. While I have been paid in Sing Dollars for several months this is the real start of the “big move”. I have 1 month of temporary housing (thank you Boss!) and will be apartment hunting pretty much as soon as my feet hit the ground.

Why: I wanted to start this blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. To improve my writing and communications. Believe it or not I was once a dual Engineering-English major at school but since then, the engineer has taken over and I’m afraid my writing has gotten rusty. I hope that the practice of writing this blog will help me brush up my communication skills.
  2. To keep family and friends informed about my day-to-day. Coming from a very rural background, Singapore is going to be hard to relate to for a lot of the people I know – so I’m hoping this will help them and me stay a part of each others lives.
  3. To pay it forward. I have obsessively been reading blogs by expats in Singapore ever since this job became a possibility. These have really helped me and I want to pay it forward and help some other people looking at moving to Singapore. I also noticed that a lot of the female expat bloggers in Singapore  are ladies who came over with partners ,  and while these ladies are AWESOME and I have no judgment and would consider doing the same thing. I wanted to write a blog for a younger career- woman ( ugh- that phrase…) who is looking at the move because I’m sure my move will be a bit different ( and in many ways easier) than women moving over with families or partners. Shout out to : Crystal@Expatbostonians and Kate@WTFmate thanks both for all of the great info on your blogs!
  4. For me. So that I can look back on this blog and remember what it was like when I first took the big leap.

Ok- so that about sums it up! I have a lot more to write about , but since I don’t tend to read longer blog posts , I will try to keep mine short-ish 🙂

Please post comments with questions/comments (nuck, nuck)  and concerns!

EGE (expat girl engineer)


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