5 Things that Terrify Me

( About Moving to Singapore)


  1. I have to find an apartment. In a foreign country. In a month. On a budget.
I have over-prepared for this. I have been trolling propertyguru and easyroommate ( Singaporean apartment sites) for months, but I am still terrified. I had a bad apartment situation in west-Germany that I really don’t want to repeat.   I want a nice place, with nice roommates that is close to work and maybe close to a park or running trail ( assuming I can survive the Singapore heat and go for runs outside). I think I will start feeling less nervous as soon as I start scheduling viewings etc. But until then. Yeh.

2. Work.

I have been working for about 9 months but moving to Singapore feels like I will be starting a whole new job. All of my network and coworker friends are staying in California so I’m feeling a bit alone in Singapore.  I have lived abroad before , enough to realize that the transition is going to be tough and adding that to an already tough and somewhat stressful job worries me a bit. I’m sure this will also go away as soon as I head to my new office and get settled. But until then…

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5W’s in Singapore


A picture from my sightseeing trip.

Hello World!

So I am bad at thinking about things without structure so here is a “who, what, when , where , where , why” of this blog.

Who: Me! I am a young (mid twenties) , female engineer , American by birth. And yes, Canadians  and all other continental ‘Americans’ , I mean I am  from the USA . I am in no way trying to deny your identity as North , Central or Southern Americans just “from the USA” sounds a bit weird. I have lived in six states in the US and about 4-5 countries outside the US ( Turkey, Japan, and Germany to name a few) and *spoiler* am moving abroad in a few weeks!

I am a Chemical  Engineer by training and a Process Engineer by work. I work for a large manufacturing company – where I get to build cool things!

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